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Traitor Mike Pence Goes on CNN And Finds Out What a FLOP He Actually Is

Traitor Mike Pence Goes on CNN And Finds Out What a FLOP He Actually Is

Is there anybody more irrelevant than Mike Pence? The man is a traitor, who the MAGA world will never forgive. He has about as much “use” in GOP politics as somebody like Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney, but this foolish man has such a huge ego, that he can’t stop thinking he’s “somebody” who everyone needs to hear from. Well, Mike found out real quick on his CNN Town Hall that nobody really cares what he has to say.

As a matter of fact, Mike’s town has turned out to be quite the humiliation, when it landed in LAST place among the cable networks. Some nobody on MSNBC actually beat him out, for crying out loud.


Mediaite reported that CNN’s Pence town hall brought in 1.19 million total viewers from 9 to 10:20 p.m. while Fox News’s Hannity scored 3.34 million total viewers and MSNBC’s Alex Wagner brought in 1.54 million viewers.

CNN did manage to top MSNBC in the key 25-54 age demographic during the town hall bringing in 285,000 demo viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 128,000. Hannity scored 453,000 demo viewers — the third most overall.

I can see why nobody wanted to watch. Americans didn’t even know who the hell Mike Pence was before Trump made him famous. He’s a wishy/washy “That’s not who we are” RINO, who pretended to be “America First” just so he and his frumpy wife could enjoy some power and influence while riding on Trump’s coattails. And now, he’s fully turned on President Trump, and will likely join his establishment buddies like Paul Ryan and Jeb! Bush, who are pushing Ron DeSantis, unless he’s truly dumb enough to run against Trump himself.


Wouldn’t that be a hoot? 

CNBC reported that former Vice President Mike Pence said voters will “have better choices” for a presidential candidate than Donald Trump, who announced his third bid for the office on Tuesday night from his Mar-a-Lago resort.

In an interview that aired on ABC’s “World News Tonight” earlier this week, Pence said he and his family are giving consideration to whether he himself should run and thinks voters are looking for less divisiveness in politics.

“I think we’ll have better choices in the future,” Pence told ABC’s David Muir. “The people of this country actually get along pretty well once you get out of politics, and I think they want to see their national leaders start to reflect that same compassion and generosity of spirit.”

Pence, who is making media appearances as he promotes his new memoir, “So Help Me God,” made similar comments to other news outlets, including The New York Times and Fox News.

He told Fox News that he has heard people say they want the country to move forward with an administration that will serve as a uniting force, reflecting respect, civility and the nation’s “highest ideals.”

“Donald Trump was the only candidate in 2016 who could’ve defeated Hillary Clinton,” Pence said. “But I think different times call for different leadership.”

He literally sounds like Paul Ryan, doesn’t he? It’s stomach-turning.


These establishment relics are so out-0f-touch, and they have zero understanding of what the American public really wants. They live in these isolated bubbles and think they’re way more important than they really are.

Mike Pence needs to go have a long look in the mirror and ask himself where his good Christian values went because he seems much more hell-bent on pushing globalist power and revenge than anything else.

What do you think?

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